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Fax Preference Service

Unreceptive or even aggressive prospects have always been an overhead for Fax Marketing campaigns. An unwanted fax is at best a waste of time and Facsimile costs and at worst can alienate the fax recipient to the extent that they will not purchase from your company through other channels.
On 1st May, 1999 the previously voluntary code of practice was enshrined in law. It is now illegal to send a direct marketing fax to a number that has been registered with the scheme more than 28 days previously. The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) will enforce the law and the potential penalties are severe. Both the 28 day rule and availability of daily updates dictate that Facsimile numbers must be screened, at the very least, every 28 days and against the current version of the FPS file.

How does the service work?

You need only supply your facsimile numbers, although the addition of a unique reference number for your own match back purposes is always a good idea. The service matches your facsimile numbers against the FPS file, flagging those numbers that have subscribed to the scheme.

The Fax Preference Service forms part of our Data Cleansing Service, an example of what you can expect from this service is shown below:-


You have the following data in your database:

Urn Fax Number
Before Data Cleansing for FPS
1 01924888700
2 01924888701

This data is cleansed by the Fax Preference service to:

Urn Fax Number FPS Flag
After Data Cleansing for FPS
1 01924888700
2 01924888701 FPS

As you can see from the example it is easy for us to check numbers against the FPS register. The first number in our example wasn't registered on FPS register but the second number was registered so we flag it as FPS.

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