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Data Protection

Your data is in safe hands at CNM. We uphold the highest level of information handling in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.   

Data Encryption

If your business requires it we can send and receive data encrypted with PGP/GPG. Click here for more information.   
Understanding your business needs
B2C Consumer Data

Our B2C Consumer Database contains over 50 million consumer data records and is updated on a daily basis with over 30,000 updates. We can profile the B2C consumer data using over 300 selections based on factual information supplied by the individual.

  • Basic
  • Home
  • Family
  • Occupation
  • Finance
  • Holidays
  • Leisure
  • Mail Order
  • Insurance

Data Structure

The B2C Consumer Data contains:-

  • names
  • addresses
  • landline telphone number
  • mobile number

The Consumer Data is further enhanced by the inclusion of Ex-directory Telephone Numbers and Electoral Roll opt-outs.

You simply tell us your criteria and we will send you back a count based on your selections.

Debt Management/Financial Data

The B2C Consumer Data is updated with regular daily feeds and contains information including the following criteria:

  • Credit Cards
  • Other Credit Agreements
  • Debt Level
  • Low Credit Score
  • Struggling to pay debts

The data can be overlaid and profiled to suit many Debt Management solutions.

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