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Gone Away Suppression

The Gone Away Suppression (GAS) file is the most comprehensive suppression file currently available, it currently holds over 26 million records containing information on individuals who have moved location since 1992. The database is collated by collecting both negative data (move outs) and positive data (move ins). In the UK 3,200,000 people move house every year - up to 7,000 every day.

The file not only contains those individuals that have moved house but also includes approximately 86% of deaths in the UK, however the file does not allow for the unique identification of deceased and movers. With an independently audited accuracy rating of 98.2%, it represents the pinnacle of suppression accuracy.

In the time it has taken you to read this page approximately 3 people will have moved to a new home, are they on your marketing list?

Gone Away Suppression forms part of our Data Cleansing Service, an example of what you can expect from this service is shown below:-


You have the following data in your consumer database:

Title Forename Surname Address1 Address2 Address3 Address4 Postcode
Before Data Cleansing for Gone Aways
Mr David Smith 1 Cherry Tree Close Bramley Leeds West Yorkshire LS8 5AB
Mrs Margeret Taylor 14 Hope Way Colne Valley Huddersfield West Yorkshire HD5 6FP

This data is cleansed by the gone away service to:

Title Forename Surname GAS Flag New Address1 New Address2 New Address3 New Address4 New Postcode
After Data Cleansing for Gone Aways
Mr David Smith GAS 1 Cherry Tree Close Bramley Leeds West Yorkshire LS8 5AB
Mrs Margeret Taylor GAS 138 West Place Rothwell Leeds West Yorkshire LS26 0JJ

If you compare the 2 tables you can see that Mr David Smith has now gone-away from the given address so we flag the record with a GAS flag. Mrs Margaret Taylor has also moved from the given address but as we have this individual listed in our movers file we can supply the new address as in the second table.

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